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EPA responds to coronavirus by offering compliance waivers

US Employers: It’s Time For New I-9 Forms

Protecting employees against coronavirus at operating workplaces

EPA and the Corps of Engineers Finish Redefining “Waters of the United States”

Chemical Safety Board Finalizes Chemical Incident Reporting Rule

Trump Administration Proposes to “Modernize” Federal Environmental Impact Assessments by Narrowing Them

Trump Administration 2021 Budget Proposal Would Cut EPA

Appeals Court Affirms OSHA’s Approach to Workplace Air Testing and Respiratory Protection

Ontario Courts Reaffirm the Weave of the Corporate Veil

Northeastern States Propose Regional Cap-and-Trade Program to Reduce Greenhouse Gases From Transportation

New EPA Policy Redefines “Ambient” Air on Stationary Source Sites

The Court of Appeal Has Spoken: Safety Must Come First at the Port of Montréal’s Terminals

Chemical Safety Board Proposes Accident Reporting Regulations

EPA Completes Re-Revisions to Accidental Release Prevention Rules

EPA Adds Aerosol Cans to Universal Wastes

Protecting Workers Working Alone

EPA Seeking to Enhance Water Quality Trading

EPA Proposes to Revise Rule Governing Lead in Drinking Water

Recent Confirmation That Canadian Directors Can Consider Non-Shareholder Interests

Protecting Workers During Holiday Sales Events

OSHA Revises Its Inspection Priority Weighting System

President Trump Restricts Agencies’ Use of Guidelines

OSHA Revises Respiratory Protection Requirements

EPA’s Superfund Task Force Issues Final Report

Feds Issue Nationwide Motor Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Standards and Declare California’s Standards to be Preempted

Department of Justice Reemphasizes its Disfavor for Supplemental Environmental Project Agreements with State and Local Governments

Business Roundtable (Re)states Position for Broad Corporate “Purpose”

Chemical Safety Board To Work on Accident Reporting Regulations

EPA Decides Not to Require SPCCs to Address Hazardous Substance Spills

DC Circuit Upholds Most of EPA’s 2015 Standards For Ground Level Ozone

EPA Proposes to Allow Hazardous Air Pollutant Sources to Reclassify From “Major” to “Area” Using Administrative Controls

Reversed on Appeal: Workplace Harassment Isn’t a Tort In Ontario After All

Motor Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Standards–California and Four Manufacturers Finesse the Turf War With the Federal Government

Protecting Workers When Wildfires Create Bad Air

EPA Replaces Obama-Era Rules For Coal Fired Power Plants

Canada—Federal Employers: Prepare for a Wave of Change in Workplace Harassment Obligations

Creating an Enforceable Online Contract: Best Practices

Reporting EHS Releases – Responsibilities Continue Except For Some Farm Emissions

EPA Takes Another Step To “Reform” Benefit Cost Analyses

Status of Trump Administration Environmental Regulatory Rollbacks

It’s Time To Submit Annual Toxic Release Inventory Reports

Global Rules Coming For Plastic Import-Export

OSHA Unlocks Review of Its Lockout/Tagout Standard

California Proposes Universal Wastes Rules For Photovoltaics

Do You Generate Universal Wastes?

Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission Confirms Employer’s General Duty Clause Applies to Workplace Violence

EPA Requiring Notice and Review Before Lapsed Uses of Asbestos Can Be Reintroduced

Trump Administration Further Tightens Controls Over Agency Rulemaking

Bureau of Land Management Amends Methane and Waste Prevention Rule

If You’re In A Flood Zone, Your Insurance Options May Be Changing

Reevaluating Your D&O Coverage

EPA’s New Chemical Review Priorities Should Encourage User Reviews Too

EPA Reaffirms National Sulfur Oxide Standard

EPA Massively Updates National Chemical TSCA Inventory Database

Administration Again Proposes Massive Cuts To EPA

EPA Adopts Pharmaceutical Waste Management Requirements

Clarity in Online Gambling Regulation? Don’t Bet On It

Another Round of EPA and Corps of Engineers Proposals to Redefine “Waters of the United States”

If You Want Everyone To Know You’re A Transparent and Sustainable Company, Delaware Can Help

Keeping Safe in Winter Weather

Is Your Workplace Injury and Illness Log Ready for Compliance with OSHA Requirements?

California Requires Pharmaceutical and Sharps Waste Stewardship

Directors' Liability for Workplace Sexual Harassment in Canada Can Depend on Which Laws are Applied

EPA Will Aggregate “Substantially Related” Activities When Considering “Project” Thresholds For Pre-Construction Permit Review

NLRB Proposes New Rule Defining “Joint Employer”

New International Initiative to Reduce Plastic Waste

More Jurisdictions Targeting Short-Lived Climate Pollutants

United States Government Quietly Releases Dramatic New Recommendations For Combating Climate Change

Employment Contracts and Employee Termination Rights

Protecting Workplaces From Combustible Dust

Supreme Court Limits Government Access to Cell Phone Tracking Data

Are My Machines Guarded To Prevent Injuries?

Tackling the Gender Pay Gap: Ontario’s Pay Transparency Act, 2018

Finding and Correcting Workplace Mold Infestations

EPA Proposes To Replace Obama-Era Rules For Coal Fired Power Plants

Court Reinstates Delayed Accidental Release Prevention Revisions, While EPA Moves To Rescind Them

Environmental Justice Update

EPA is Considering a Regulatory Roadmap For Additional Uses of Asbestos

OSHA Provides Planning and Response Advice Addressing Hurricanes

The Unexpected Benefits of Walking to School

Circuit Court Ends a Decade of Delay by Ordering EPA to Cancel a Hazardous Pesticide

New Supreme Court Ruling Will Be Taxing to E-Commerce

Are My Workers Protected Against Carcinogens?

California Returns Statewide Greenhouse Gas Emissions to 1990 Levels

UST Compliance: Are You Ready For The October 2018 Requirements?

Federal Enforcement Falls in President Trump’s First Year

Feds Formally Propose to Roll Back Future Auto Emission Standards

EPA Adopts Rules to Expand Mercury Reporting

EPA Schedules Compliance Deadline for Revised Agricultural Worker Training Requirements

EPA Proposes to Rescind Last Administration’s Long-Delayed Accidental Release Prevention Revisions

EPA Repeals Vacated Secondary Waste Management Rules

Is it Time to Change How Federal Agencies Review Environmental Impacts?

Facebook, Privacy and Your Business

EPA Promulgates “Back-to-Basics” Process for Reviewing Air Quality Standards

Congress Defines “Rule” Broadly, to Have More to Repeal

Supreme Court Avoids Choosing Between Religion and Anti-Discrimination in Commerce

Protecting Isolated Workers

A Beaver’s Tale: Lessons Learned at Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Upcycling:  Creativity Reigns the Recycling Box

EPA Decides to Revise 2022-2025 Automobile GHG Emission Standards

Are Your Climate Risks “Material”, and If So, Do You Disclose Them?

Key Employment Law Decisions from 2017

California Adds Ergonomics Standard for Hotel Workers

EPA’s Data Transparency Proposal – Secrets are in the Eye of the Beholder

Universal Wastes - EPA Proposes to Add Aerosol Cans

Should You Have AEDs In Your Workplace?

Does Sex Discrimination Include Sexual Orientation – The Second Circuit Changes Sides

Striking a New Pose: Sustainability in Fashion

Ninth Circuit: Salary History Doesn’t Justify Male-Female Pay Disparities

SEC Expands Public Company Cybersecurity Disclosure Expectations

Administration Proposes Massive Cuts in EPA for Fiscal Year 2019

NLRB Sends Mixed Signals for Future of Employee Electronic Communications

EPA Issues Annual Chemical Review Plan Under the 2016 Amendments to TSCA

EPA’s Latest National TRI Inventory Shows Continuing Reductions in Releases

EPA Withdraws “Once in Always in” Policy For Major Air Toxics Sources

California Adopts Plan for Greenhouse Gas Controls Through 2030

EPA Adopts E-Manifest Compliance Deadline and Fees

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Extends Efforts Until 2030

NLRB Eases Restrictions on Employer Policies

EPA is Expanding Mercury Reporting Requirements

A Cautionary Tale for Employers Drafting Discretionary Bonus Plans

California’s New Cleaning Products Right to Know Act – A First Look

NLRB Re-Revises the Definition of “Joint Employer”

Final Determination of Net Neutrality Fate Likely to be Slower Than Dial-up

U.S. Senate Will Require Anti-Harassment Training

EPA Moving to Prevent “Regulation By Litigation”

Is a Zero Waste Christmas Even Possible?

New US Climate Science Special Report Documents Climate Change

EPA To Support Energy Independence By Easing Air Emission Regulation

For First Time, FTC Goes After Bloggers For Paid Endorsements

Government Accountability Office Encourages Federal Consideration of Climate Change Costs

New York’s Legionella Program Hitting Stride

EPA Delays Action to Update Rule Governing Lead in Drinking Water

Businesses Using “Science-Based Targets” to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

EPA Moves to Formalize Revised Strategies

“Workplace” Under Part II of the Canada Labour Code Includes Work Activities Performed in Workplaces Not Controlled by the Employer

EPA Evaluating Superfund Policies

You May Be Getting More Labeling Information Soon

Natural Disasters Remind Us To Review Emergency Plans

EPA Amends Standards and Practices for All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI)

California Offers Liability For “Take Home Asbestos”

Dangerous Assumptions Leave Directors Liable For Unpaid Taxes

Federal Agencies Making First Annual Civil Penalty Inflation Adjustments

$600,000 Awarded in Blog Libel Case

US Department of Justice Reining in Supplemental Environmental Projects

Safety: It's Not All About You

What’s In Your Janitor’s Closet? New York Seeks More Information

International Business Group Recommends Climate-Related Financial Disclosures

California Extends and Amends its Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade Program

CASL Private Right of Action Delayed: Enforcement by CRTC Continues

Major Changes to Ontario’s Employment and Labour Laws Pending

California’s “Be a Manager, Go to Jail” Law

EPA and the Corps of Engineers Propose to Turn Back the Clock on “Waters of the United States”

Trump Administration Again Proposes Massive Cuts to EPA

New California Guidance For Workplace Anti-Harassment Efforts

Thinking About Occupational Hearing Protection After Better Hearing and Speech Month

What Will U.S. Withdrawal From Paris Accord Mean For Climate Change?

ASTM Updates Phase 1 ESA Standard for Forestland and Rural Properties

Citizen Suit Against Exxon Yields $20 Million Penalty For Refinery’s Clean Air Act Violations

Buyer’s Guide to Active Shooter Coverage

Latest Department of Justice Guidance for Evaluating Corporate Compliance Programs in Criminal Investigations

Circuit Court Strikes Down Bush-Era Reporting Exemptions

EPA’s “Back-to-Basics” Agenda

BC Securities Commission Addresses Allegations of Fraud Against Real Estate Developer

The Latest Climate Change-Fighting Innovations

Reopening Review of Automobile GHG Emission Standards For 2022-2025

Trump Proposes To De-Fund Chemical Safety Board

President Trump Orders Review of “Waters of the United States”

Trump Executive Order Rolls Back Obama’s Climate Initiatives

EPA Revises Accidental Release Prevention Requirements

Supreme Court Nominee’s Record Provides Insight into Views on Internet and Social Media Law

President Trump Formalizes Regulatory Reform Procedures

EPA Revises Stormwater General Permit For Construction

Congressional Review Act Versus the Obama Administration’s Late Regulations

Trade Secret Protection in a Digital World

EPA Revises Hazardous Waste Generator Requirements – Part 2 (Separate Summaries For Generator Categories)

EPA Revises Hazardous Waste Generator Requirements – Part 1

U.S. EPA Regulatory Outlook: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

California Adopts Workplace Violence Prevention Requirements For Health Care Facilities

Appeal Court Rejects Intention to Resign Reasoning in Directors’ Tax Liability

“Boss, I Need A Week Off"

OSHA Revises Walking, Climbing and Fall Protection Standards – Part 2 (Protective Systems and Training)

Can You Serve Notice Via Social Media?

OSHA Revises Walking, Climbing and Fall Protection Standards – Part I (Surfaces and Pathways Between Levels)

Social Media and the Law

U.S. Environmental Regulatory Trends at the Close of the Obama Administration

What Might We Expect From Trump’s EPA?

EEOC Issues Rule to Make Federal Government a Model Employer for People With Disabilities

EPA Adds Subsurface Intrusion to the Superfund Hazard Ranking System

Corporation’s Failure to Bid on Project Does Not Excuse Director

Don’t Give Insider Stock Tips As Stocking Stuffers

The US Green Building Council’s New LEED v4 Rating System

EPA Proposes First Major Reviews of Existing Chemicals Under the 2016 Amendments to TSCA

Nanotechnology Workplace Safety

EPA Revises Hazardous Waste Import-Export Requirements

Creating a Security-Conscious Community to Prevent Violent Acts in the Workplace

OSHA Revised Safety and Health Program Guidelines

OSHA Proposes Technical Changes To Dozens Of Requirements

Environmental Issues: What Would Trump Do?

Ontario Court Rejects Employee’s Claim That Director Owed Duty of Care to Employee

The World Decides To Help The Climate By Helping The Ozone Layer

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Criticizes EPA’s Environmental Justice Efforts

California Tightens Restrictions On High-Impact Short-Lived Climate Pollutants


EEOC Issues New Enforcement Guidance on Retaliation

EPA Proposes Next Step Toward e-Manifests

U.S. and China Renew Climate Change Vows to Jumpstart Paris Agreement

New Rules For Labor Law Compliance By Federal Contractors

White House Guidance for Agency Consideration of Climate Change in Environmental Reviews

New Rules Tighten Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards for Heavy Duty Vehicles

Extending the Montreal Protocol to Address Climate Change

EPA Takes Another Step Towards Regulating GHG Emissions From Aircraft

EPA Establishes Formaldehyde Limits For Composite Wood Products

The New TSCA 3 – Adjusting Preemption of State and Local Chemical Regulation

Think Drinking Water Issues Only Exist in Places like Brazil?

The New TSCA 2 – Reviewing New Chemicals More Thoroughly

The New TSCA 1 – Reviewing More Existing Chemicals

Healing The Ozone Hole

SEC Tries Again To Increase Resource Extraction Issuers’ Reporting

Constructive Dismissal Claims Due to Employer Conduct

Director Who Decided Not To Be Involved In Business, Still Liable For Employees’ Unpaid Wages

Director’s Liability Insurance Does Not Cover Personal Guarantee Given By Director

Does EPA’s Latest Pesticide Proposal Protect Bees?

Supreme Court Decides When Corps of Engineers’ Jurisdictional Determinations are “Final” and Appealable

Applying A Hierarchy of Controls to Increase Workplace Safety

Paris Agreement On Climate Change Calls For Action By Non-National Entities

OSHA Requiring Employers to Submit Injury and Illness information

STC Webinar: ISO 14001:2015 – Challenges for the Transition

Registering Pesticides

What is TENORM?

Protecting Employees Against The Zika Virus

Protecting Employees Against Bloodborne Pathogens

Employee Suspension: A Legitimate Disciplinary Measure?

Can a Hospital Be Both Hygienic and Environmentally Sustainable?

Stormwater Regulation Basics: What is Required?

DOT Requirements For Hazmat Transport Permits

Oil Companies Must Let Shareholders Vote To Expand Reporting Relevant To Climate Change

OSHA Expands Regulation Of Crystalline Silica

Emissions in the Shipping Industry: Who Is Steering the Ship?

DOT Converts Nearly 100 Variances Into Regulatory Options For Hazmat Shipping

Emergency Action Plans

EPA Proposes Revisions To Accidental Release Prevention Requirements

Clean Drinking Water and Proposition 65

Suicide at Work: A Growing Problem in America

Super Priority Charge Over Insolvent Corporation’s Assets Despite Existing Insurance Coverage

Nearly Time For Hazardous Waste Biennial Reports

SEC Adopts Crowdfunding Rules

Ontario Fights to Protect Bees by Regulating “Neonics”

Now in Effect: Electronic Logging Device Rules for U.S. Motor Carriers

Paris Agreement Continues Progress On Climate Change

California Proposes Workplace Violence Prevention Requirements For Healthcare Facilities

Clean Water Act Rulemaking Violated Limits On Publicity And Propaganda

Have You Posted Your Workplace Injury and Illness Log?

Congress Accelerates And Expands Civil Penalty Inflation Adjustments

EPA Adopts Rules For Electronic Clean Water Act Reporting

EPA Proposes To Revise Hazardous Waste Generator Requirements–Part 2

EPA Proposes To Revise Hazardous Waste Generator Requirements–Part 1

New Year’s Resolutions: Setting Green Goals for the Year

Environmental Justice: A Brief History

Are You Ready For Flu Season?

Live Shooting Tragedy at WDBJ-TV: Why Reference Checking Matters

OSHA Proposes to Revise Safety and Health Program Guidelines

The Best Environmental Books for Kids

Another Hazcom Transition Deadline December 1, 2015

EPA Revises the Agricultural Worker Protection Standard

Attempt to Make Directors Liable for Alleged Defamation in Newspapers Rejected

EPA Proposes Pharmaceutical Waste Management Requirements

Hazardous Materials Commentary as Textbook for Professionals

Your Employee Has A Drug Or Alcohol Problem—Now What?

Expert Insights On Global EHS Auditing

Department of Justice Targets Individuals While Investigating Organizations

Waste Reduction Tips For Your Office

EPA Proposes To Revise Hazardous Waste Import-Export Requirements

Cal/OSHA Updates Safety Rules for Storage Batteries

EPA Catches Volkswagen Cheating On Emission Tests

Safety Programs Are Essential For The Automotive Workplace

Meeting OSHA Requirements On Employee Exposure And Medical Records

SEC Ponders Responsibilities For Board of Directors’ Audit Committees

New York Targets Legionella

10 Powerful Environmental Non-fiction Reads

Director Found Liable for Transferring Assets

EEOC’s Latest Word On “Sex” Discrimination

OSHA Proposes To Expand Enforceability Of Injury And Illness Reporting Requirements

OSHA Narrows Process Safety Management Exclusion For Retail Facilities

Should You Pay Your Interns?

Divided Supreme Court Vacates EPA Fossil Fuel Power Plants Rule

Valley Fever Endemic in Central California

EPA Revises Underground Storage Tank Regulations

Avoid Workplace Violence With Info From OSHA

DHS Prepares To Expedite Approval Of Chemical Facility Site Safety Plans

Supreme Court Expands Employers’ Duty To Avoid Religious Discrimination

Designing Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) Audits

Drive Green! Save Green!

July 1 Deadline For California’s Revised Industrial Storm Water Requirements

EPA and Corps of Engineers (Re)define “Waters of the United States”

Join the Napping Revolution…at Work!

EPA Promotes Green Infrastructure for Healthier Urban Environments

OSHA: Managing Confined Spaces

OSHA: Major Hazcom Revisions Due By June 1, 2015

Superfund…A Personal Perspective

California Sets Tighter Greenhouse Gas Emission Goals

OSHA: Earthquake Preparedness

B.C. Court Rejects Director’s Plea That Manager Was Responsible For Environmental Damage

NIOSH Expands Recommendations for Tobacco-Free Workplaces and e-Cigarettes

Obama Expands Federal Agencies’ Responsibilities for Sustainability

California Water Crisis = Rising Consumer Costs for a Vanishing Resource

New Rules for Fracking on Federal Lands

Brushing Off Wasteful Packaging

Finalization of Revised ISO 14001 Standard for EMS

Hazardous Chemicals: Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Approaches 40, Part 2

Tax Court Holds Unsigned Resignation Effective

Hazardous Chemicals: Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Approaches 40

OSHA: Winter’s Not Over Yet—Work Safe in Cold Weather

Environmental Compliance: Are You Using Water Efficiently?

Injury And Death Due To Railway Trespassing is Preventable

Are Your Workers Out In The Cold?

Canada’s WHMIS System Is Changing

Have You Completed Your Hazardous Materials Management Plan?

Expanding Recycling Responsibilities for Specific Solid Wastes

New EPA Rules For Recycling Of Selected Hazardous Wastes

California Law Requires Long-Life Batteries in Smoke Detectors

Department of Labor Proposes More Anti-Discrimination Rules For Federal Contractors

Composting in a Condo

Complying With Medical Waste Management Requirements

Congress Updates Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards

BC Court Outlines Federal Fisheries Act Convictions

How Can Hazardous Wastes Be Treated?

EPCRA Tier II: Key State Differences for Chemical Inventory Reporting

EPA Proposes Stricter Standards For Ground Level Ozone in Ambient Air

Christmas Trees Get Second Job as Fish Habitat

Hazardous Chemicals: Our Communities Have the Right to Know

BC Supreme Court Affirms “Polluter Pays” for Site Remediation

To Frack Or Not To Frack? California and New York Provide Opposite Answers

No More Lost Limbs Please! OSHA Agrees!

Chemical Safety Board Recommends Better Process Safety Management

Do You Need A Corporate Social Responsibility Policy?

Waste Identification Part II: Is My “Solid” “Waste” A “Hazardous Waste”?

Internet Law: Copyright and the Everchanging World of Digital Technology

Waste Identification Part I: Is My Material A “Solid” “Waste”?

U.S. And China Try To Change The Climate Change Conversation

U.S. And China Try To Change The Climate Change Conversation

Climate Change Adaptation Plans—EPA Issues A Model

Complying With ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Requirements

Pardon? Did You Say Something About Industrial Noise And Hearing Loss?

New Sustainability Reporting Standards for the Transportation Sector

OSHA Seeks Comments On Workplace Airborne Contaminants

Effective Traffic Control Management Assures Worker Safety

Reconsidering External Threats From Terrorists and Other Criminals

Minimum Wage Rising For Federal Contract Employees

PHMSA Requires Advance Notice of Construction-Related Events

Environmental State Differences Checklists Expanded to Include Operator Certification Requirements

Earthquakes: Are You Ready to “Shake Out” on October 16?

OSHA: Providing Lockout/Tagout to Protect Workers from Equipment

OSHA Expands Catastrophe Reporting

Vehicle Maintenance: Your Owner’s Manual…Read It Or Weep

OSHA: Protecting Workers From Workplace Air Contaminants

Exercise of Legal Powers By Director Constitutes Oppression of Minority Shareholders

BC’s Water Sustainability Act: What’s Coming Down the Pipe?

Tornadoes Happen…Are you Prepared?

EPA Reports Progress On Urban Air Toxics

Internet Law: New Top-level Domains and Trademark Law

EPA May Require Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan

EPA Seeks Comments On Accidental Release Prevention Requirements

Managing Confined Space—Ensuring Worker Safety in Unusual Circumstances

Production Company Cited for Safety Violations Causing Worker Injury and Fatality

Are You Up-To-Date On Employees’ Leaves Of Absence?

2014 Creek Week in Santa Barbara

Great Environmental Fiction for Summer Reading

New Executive Order Pursues Labor Law Compliance By Federal Contractors

Creative Uses for STP Binders and CDs

Anti-Discrimination Responsibilities Expanded By New Executive Order

Mount Polley Dam Breach: KSM Mine Opponents Renew Fight

Vehicle Maintenance: Begin Recycling Your Used Motor Oil Today

Employment Law: Protecting Temporary Workers

CASL: CRTC Getting More Than 1000 Complaints A Day

OSHA: Safeguarding Equipment and Protecting Employees from Amputations

EEOC Issues New Enforcement Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination

Supreme Court Narrows EPA Authority to Regulate CO2 Emissions

Obama Directs Federal Agencies to Enhance Workplace Flexibility

NTSB and PHMSA Focus on Facility Response Plans for Pipelines

Investigation of Construction Incidents to Reduce Injuries and Fatalities

Supreme Court Tweaks “Fraud on the Market” in Securities Cases

Internet Law: New Anti-Spam Legislation Won’t Stop Most Spam

Chemical Facility Safety–Progress Report on the President’s Executive Order

NIOSH Studies Ergonomics for the Beverage Delivery Industry

Four Management Approaches to Workplace Violence Prevention

Internet Law: The Ifs, Ands and Buts of New Anti-Spam Legislation

Workplace Violence: Is Your Mailroom Secure?

Responsibilities for Board of Directors’ Audit Committees

New Anti-Spam Laws Affect Virtually Every Business in Canada

What might EPA’s Clean Power Plan Mean?

Get Involved: Become a Green Volunteer

OSHA: Avoiding Heat Illness

Ontario Class Actions To Proceed Despite Previous Time Limits

Vehicle Maintenance: Mobile Apps Making Life Easier

Delaware Supreme Court Limits CEO’s Equitable Rights

Mold Damage Insurance Claim: When It Doesn’t All Come Out in the Wash

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200: A MUST for Employers That Use Hazardous Chemicals

Supreme Court Reinstates EPA Interstate Regulation of Upwind Air Emissions

EU Parliament To Require Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity Reporting

Obama Requests $204.6 Million Budget for BSEE

OSHA: A Killer Reminder of the General Duty Clause

SEC Announces Additional $150,000 Payment to Recipient of First Whistleblower Award

Appeals Court Rules Against SEC’s Conflict Minerals Rule

Understanding Insurance Law: ERISA Has No Limitation of Suit Provision

Workers’ Compensation in California: What If You Get Hurt on the Job?

EPA and Corps of Engineers Redefining “Waters of the United States”

Continual Improvement of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

Reconsidering Overtime Exemptions for White Collar Employees

Environmental Compliance: Santa Barbara Yearly Regulatory Measures

U.S. Transportation Safety—A Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse?

Electronic Logging Device Rule Draws Skepticism, Praise

Changes to California Carcinogen and Reproductive Toxin Lists

Federal Court To Expand Insider Trading “Tippee” Potential Liability

Construction Litigation: No Privity No Suit

Supreme Court: Whistleblowing Employees of Contractors to Public Companies Are Protected

EPA Proposes To Revise The Agricultural Worker Protection Standard

EPA Programs Showing Solid Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Environmental Compliance: EPA Adopts Hazardous Waste e-Manifests

OSHA Seeks Public Comment to Improve Chemical Safety

Delaware Confirms Shareholders' Agreements Trump Fiduciary Duties

OSHA: Making Hospitals Less Hazardous for Workers

Employment Law: Supreme Court Affirms No Pay To Change Clothes

Insurance Law: Public Adjusters: Proceed with Caution

Motor Vehicle Air Conditioner (MVAC) Refrigerants Have Environmental Impacts

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Roundup 2013

Canadian Oil Industry—Liability Insurance for Rail vs. Pipeline

OSHA Has Zero Tolerance For Employee Blacklisting

Securities and Exchange Commission Roundup 2013

Hazardous Substances: New Form Offers Way Out Of Prop. 65 Prosecution

Effective Control of Hazardous Energy (LOTO) — What You Need to Know to Ensure Compliance

EPA Clarifies Regulation of CO2 Geologic Sequestration

Environmental Compliance: EPA Revises Volatile Organic Compounds

OSHA Acts to Reduce Risks for Communication Tower Workers

OSHA: Is It Time To Update The Process Safety Management Standard?

Email Notice and Due Diligence Under the Uniform Commercial Code

Have You Updated Your Hazcom Training This Month?

Employment Law: Is E-Verify Even Better?

Common Violations at Dealerships, Service and Repair Facilities

Environmental Compliance: EPA Tracks Reductions in GHG Emissions

Move Over Hazardous Chemicals … Here Comes Something Safer!

OSHA Proposes Expansion of Occupational Injury & Illness Reporting

Derivatives and Hedging: Good News for Dealers and Brokers From FASB

Regulatory Compliance: Do These Penalties Seem Larger To You?

Canadian Clean-Up Order Must be Decided by Environmental Appeal Tribunal, Not Court

Environmental Compliance: California Prepares To Regulate “Fracking”

SEC Pay Ratio Disclosure Rule—Comment Period Ending

New Pacific Coast Climate Change Initiative

Understanding Insurance Law & Mold: Winning Damages for Loss & Injury

Currently Proposed Changes to U.S. Lease Accounting Rules

SEC Proposes Crowdfunding Rules for Private Securities Offerings

Officially Linked: California and Quebec GHG Cap-and-Trade Programs

Knight Capital Pays $12 Million for SEC Violations

Workplace Bullying and Harassment: New Rules for British Columbia

Alert: Upcoming Changes to Requirements for Safety Recalls

Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

OSHA Proposes to Regulate Exposures to Respirable Crystalline Silica

Changes in Hazmat Handling and CMV Driver Reports

EPA Proposes Carbon Dioxide Limits for New Power Plants

Internet Law: “Browse-wrap” Contracts

SEC Proposes Controversial Pay Ratio Reporting Requirements

Insurance Archaeology: Do You Know Where Your Policies Are?

CEO/Worker Pay Ratio—SEC Proposes Controversial and Costly Statistic

Je me souviens de…Offsetting GHG Emissions

California Adopts Safer Consumer Products Regulations

An Autumn Update on Accounting and Auditing Matters

Two Important Oil & Gas Conferences

Directors' & Officers' Liability: Delaware's "Entire Fairness" Test

New Alberta Energy Regulator to Streamline Regulatory Process

Motor Carrier Registration Systems to be Upgraded and Web-Based

Significant New Auditing Standards—Part 2, Tenure/Other Information

Recent OSHA Updates

Significant New Auditing Standards—Part 1, Critical Audit Matters

Obama Issues Executive Order On Chemical Facility Safety

Free Webinar: GRI G4 Materiality Aligns Sustainability Reporting and Strategy

Internal Controls—An Updated Framework Has Arrived!

EPA Excludes Solvent-Contaminated Wipes From RCRA Regulation

Recent Changes to Disclosure Requirements for SEC Registrants

Environmental Compliance: One Chemical, Many Regulations

Insurance Law: Mold Claims in Canada

Reconsidering “Accredited Investors” and How They’re Protected

Will Proposed New Insurance Contract Accounting Rules Apply to You?

Court Vacates SEC’s Resource Extractors’ Reporting Requirements

Obama Administration Announces Climate Action Plan

Cal/OSHA Revises Its Hazard Communication Standard

STP Launches New Industry-Specific MACT Standards Guides

"Supervisors” Whose Discrimination Automatically Involves Employers

FASB Proposes Selected “Breaks” for Private Companies from U.S. GAAP

Environmental Compliance: TRI Reports Due

Environmental Compliance: Changes to California Training Requirements

FASB Receives Report Card on Business Combination Accounting Rule

Employment Law: Must You Pay Your Interns?

EPA Superfund and NORM Updates

EPA Revises Standards for Identification of Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials

Employment Law: Age Discrimination Costs Employer $2 Million

Environmental Law: US Updates

ISO 14001 and the ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility

Environmental Compliance: Walmart Pays $110 Million in Fines

A Further FASB/IASB Proposal to “Fix” Lease Accounting

Employment Law: Identifying and Accommodating Disabled Employees

OSHA Moves to Protect Safety of Temporary and Non-Union Workers

Incineration Standards and Fire Fighting—What You Need to Know

PCAOB Becomes Latest Regulator to Encourage Self-Policing

The FASB Turns 40—A Look-Back over Four Decades of Rulemaking

STC Webinar: A Fire Code Primer

Changes to California Training Requirements

Proxy Questions: Keep Them Separate To Keep Them Legal

Accounting Guidance for Not-for-Profit Entities Is Changing

Employment Law and ERISA: Medical Plan Terms - Clarity Trumps Equity

Insurance Law Changes in 2013

Workplace Violence: Planning Security for Special Events

Protecting Stratospheric Ozone A Quarter Century After Montreal

Employment Law: Protect Whistleblowers and Protect the Organization

Companies Must Begin to Identify “Conflict Minerals”

Environmental Law Update

US Employers: It’s Time For New I-9 Forms

Hazardous Waste Regulations for International Shipments

Proposed New Approaches to Accounting for Credit Losses

Violence Against Women Act: Expanded Security Requirements On Campus

Environmental Compliance: Roundup of California 2012 Legislation

Post-Implementation Reviews of U.S. Accounting Standards

Corporate Governance: 2 Reasons To Review Indemnification Agreements

Increased Insurance Claims Activity

The Newest Say-on-Pay Jurisdiction is…Switzerland!

Insurance Law: Cooking Grease And Common Sense

Employment Law: How Mixed Can An Employer's Motives Be?

Italian Election Gridlock: Hung Parliament a Distinct Possibility

New Standard for Revenue Accounting Finally Coming!

Employment Law: Family and Medical Leave Act Turns 20

International Standards on Auditing and Risk: Colombia Ceasefire Ends

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