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Washington conducts first sales under its new state greenhouse gas cap-and-invest program

OSHA considering changes to Voluntary Prevention Programs

OSHA applies General Duty Clause to protect warehouse employees

Time for annual Injury and Illness summaries

NIOSH offers Best Practice guidance for employers that host “temp” workers’

OSHA reminds employers about carbon monoxide hazards

EPA and Corps of Engineers finalize re-definition of “Waters of the United States"

US tightens federal standards for heavy-duty vehicles

California adopts nonemergency COVID vaccination and testing rules

BC Supreme Court finds that Covid-19 closures did not "frustrate" employment contract

EPA expands Toxics Release Inventory chemical list, and proposes lower reporting thresholds for PFAS chemicals

FTC considering changes to environmental advertising “Green Guides”

EPA progress reducing Clean Water Act significant non-compliance

OSHA provides seasonal flu guidance

Proposal to Require Climate Risks and Resilience Plans from Significant Federal Suppliers

OSHA provides guidance on workplace stress

EPA releases data from latest mandatory greenhouse gas emission reports

Employee’s “Silent Acquiescence” to Employer’s Change in Terms of Employment May Undo Actionable Constructive Discharge

OSHA revises log-in and account requirements for electronic Injury and Illness reporting

Ebola virus: What to do when an employee is about to travel to Uganda or another affected country

EPA-UPS settlement provides reminder to get hazardous waste compliance details right

US Senate ratifies Kigali Amendment to phase down HFCs

California issues guidance on protecting workers against workplace monkeypox

EPA proposes to expand regulation of two perfluoro “forever chemicals”

OSHA revises and expands its Severe Violator Enforcement Program

OSHA regulates ionizing radiation

Chemical Safety Board issues compliance guidance chemical incident reporting rule

EPA proposes Re-Re-Revisions to Accidental Release Prevention Rules

OSHA reconsidering two states’ delegated authority

OSHA reaffirms efforts to protect “temp” workers

Canadian securities administrators propose climate-related disclosure requirements for public companies

OSHA regulates non-ionizing radiation

California phasing out non-recyclable single-use plastics

OSHA requires accident prevention signs and tags

OSHA identifies 10 most frequently cited violations

Washington enforcing summertime heat and wildfire protection rules

Circuit Court sends Roundup pesticide review back to EPA for another try

Canada bans single-use plastics

California again considering requirements for workplace violence prevention

Federal Distributing Corporations Report Expanding Board Diversity

Department of Justice Reviving Use of Supplemental Environmental Project Agreements

California continues temporary requirements for COVID vaccination and testing

EPA to decide whether discarded PVC is hazardous waste

OSHA launches National Emphasis Program to address workplace heat hazards

New legislation imposes additional legal obligations for Ontario workplaces

Biden Administration reverses Trump Administration revisions to Federal Environmental Impact Assessment rules

EPA proposes new bans on asbestos-containing products

EPA proposes to require worst case release planning by onshore facilities

Biden Administration again proposes to expand EPA’s budget significantly

OSHA proposes to revise Injury and Illness reporting requirements

SEC proposes climate-related disclosure requirements for public companies

Ontario Court of Appeal Punishes Directors For Breaching Fiduciary Duties

California adopts Statewide Microplastics Strategy

California Injury and Illness Prevention Program requirements

OSHA laboratory standard

After more than 50 years, OSHA proposes newer and more flexible standards for forklifts

Mandatory GHG EPA Reports Due April 1, 2022

Latest National Toxicology Program Report on Carcinogens adds 8 substances

Regulatory Registers: Your Guide to Navigating Diverse EHS Environments

California continues temporary requirements for COVID vaccination and testing

OSHA Voluntary Protection programs

US tightens federal standards for greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles

After more than 30 years EPA defines a new Hazardous Air Pollutant

“Bad Faith” Termination Yields Bad Consequences for the Employer

EPA and Corps of Engineers propose another re-definition of “Waters of the United States”

OSHA compiles guides to Holiday Worker Safety

EPA proposes to revise PCB rules to facilitate cleanups

Parts of Ontario employer vaccine policy found unreasonable in arbitration

EPA publishes National Recycling Strategy

OSHA emergency temporary standard for COVID vaccination and testing – issued but stayed by litigation

OSHA begins work-related heat illness rulemaking

US Government rolls out comprehensive approach to PFAS “forever chemicals”

EPA marks the 35th anniversary of Toxics Release Inventory and proposes to list additional chemicals

SEC emphasizes need for clear disclosure of climate change-related impacts on public companies

Biden Administration Proposes to reverse most Trump Administration revisions to Federal Environmental Impact Assessment rules

OSHA begins nationwide effort to prevent work-related heat illness

EPA finalizing HFC phase-down rules

US Federal insurance Office seeking information on climate-related financial risks

OSHA narrows procedural protections for employees exercising their rights

WorkSafeBC – COVID-19 safety plans shift to communicable disease prevention

Ontario Reviews When Directors May Be Liable Across Common Employers

Maine enacts first US extended producer responsibility law for packaging

OSHA recommends masks for fully vaccinated workers in high COVID-19 transmission areas

Proliferating product stewardship programs facilitate recycling

COVID-19 Impacts to Your SPPC Plans: Are Your Plans Up-to-Date?

After 50 years, OSHA is reviewing its Mechanical Power Presses Standard

National Contingency Plan now requires monitoring of chemical dispersants

Biden Administration proposes to expand EPA’s budget significantly

OSHA issues COVID protection standard for healthcare employers

South Coast Air Quality Management District to regulate warehouses’ indirect emissions

OSHA revises COVID-19 guidance to reflect vaccinations

Preventing Work-related Heat Illness

Supreme Court reminder in Superfund case: settling a case under one environmental law may not affect potential liability under others

OSHA proposes to correct and clarify handrail and stair rail requirements

After 15 years of controversy, Circuit Court gives EPA 60 days to rule on Chlorpyrifos pesticide

Department of Justice recalibrating enforcement policies

Avoiding false and misleading environmental advertising

Another Encouragement for Canadian Directors to Consider Non-shareholder Interests

US joins the world in HFC phasedown

EPA Revises Multi-Sector General Permit For Industrial Stormwater Discharges

Fire Prevention Plans

Department of Homeland Security receives 100,000th Chemical Facility Antiterrorism Standards program Top-Screen

Do you check for mold when reopening after COVID lockouts?

The right to bare arms: Considerations for COVID-19 vaccines in the workplace

OSHA proposes to update its Hazard Communication Standard

OSHA increases emphasis on COVID-19 enforcement

Employment Law: Protecting Whistleblowers Protects the Organization

First CDC guidance to people vaccinated against COVID provides little guidance for employers

Federal agency model for COVID-19 safety plans

Biden directs agencies to review all Trump administrative actions

How, and how fast, can Democrats make environmental policy changes they’ve promised?

OSHA updates COVID-19 guidance

Ontario Finds that one Invalid Clause Voids an Entire Employment Termination Agreement

EPA estimates that hundreds of thousands of diesel trucks have been modified to defeat Clean Air Act emission limits

EPA reaffirms national particulate standards

EPA revises benefit-cost analyses for air rules

EEOC provides guidance for employer requirements for COVID-19 vaccinations

OSHA recommends employers consider whether COVID-19 risks affect workplace ventilation

COVID masks may or may not be required by worker protection agencies

Can a Québec employer force employees to get a COVID-19 vaccination?

EPA adopts rules for hazardous air pollutant sources to reclassify from “major” to “area” using administrative controls

OSHA requirements for workplaces exit routes

California Adopts Universal Wastes Rules For Photovoltaics

Protecting against workplace violence during COVID

Chemical Safety Board issues review of combustible dust hazards and management

EPA revises regulatory methodology for determining whether source modifications trigger “new” source review

Study compares environmental enforcement during Trump administration with predecessors

Environmental policy: what are the Democrats promising

British Columbia Supreme Court Finds Human Rights and Workers Comp Claims are not Mutually Exclusive

Trump administration guidelines for easing enforcement

Cleaning up after wildfires

CERB and EI changes: What employers and workers need to know

California regulates Air Toxics “Hot Spots”

Regulating routine emissions of air toxics

As Americans with Disabilities Act turns 30, it’s a good time to review accommodations

Protecting your workplace from wildfires

OSHA revises and narrows beryllium standard

EPA revises ignitability characteristic of hazardous waste

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative prepares to add a new member

Supreme Court of Canada Reaffirms Insolvency Court Judge Discretion

Supreme Court decision provides Superfund Responsible Parties with some relief

Virginia adopts first standard specifically requiring workplace protections against COVID

Alberta Reaffirms Non-Discharge of Director’s Penalty Liability in Bankruptcy

California’s new ag worker standard is useful for anyone working outside at night

OSHA issues new post-COVID back-to-work guidance

President Trump directs agencies to ease regulations to ease economic burdens of COVID-19

Chemical Safety Board issues Best Practice guidance for boards of directors to instill safety in their companies

Remember OSHA’s workplace hygiene requirements

Environmental Protection Agency issues administrative inspection rules

Is that workplace COVID case work related? OSHA revises enforcement review of employer determinations

Coming out of the COVID-19 lockdown: Issues and challenges facing Canadian employers

Department of Justice Restricts Supplemental Environmental Project Agreements

Dispute management during COVID-19: Moving from litigation to arbitration

NLRB Redefines “Joint Employer”

Supreme Court provides greater clarity about when discharges to groundwater require Clean Water Act permits

OSHA issues interim enforcement procedures for COVID-19 cases

EPA Finalizes First List of “Low Priority” Chemicals

EPA responds to coronavirus by offering compliance waivers

US Employers: It’s Time For New I-9 Forms

Protecting employees against coronavirus at operating workplaces

EPA and the Corps of Engineers Finish Redefining “Waters of the United States”

Chemical Safety Board Finalizes Chemical Incident Reporting Rule

Trump Administration Proposes to “Modernize” Federal Environmental Impact Assessments by Narrowing Them

Trump Administration 2021 Budget Proposal Would Cut EPA

Appeals Court Affirms OSHA’s Approach to Workplace Air Testing and Respiratory Protection

Ontario Courts Reaffirm the Weave of the Corporate Veil

Northeastern States Propose Regional Cap-and-Trade Program to Reduce Greenhouse Gases From Transportation

New EPA Policy Redefines “Ambient” Air on Stationary Source Sites

The Court of Appeal Has Spoken: Safety Must Come First at the Port of Montréal’s Terminals

Chemical Safety Board Proposes Accident Reporting Regulations

EPA Completes Re-Revisions to Accidental Release Prevention Rules

EPA Adds Aerosol Cans to Universal Wastes

Protecting Workers Working Alone

EPA Seeking to Enhance Water Quality Trading

EPA Proposes to Revise Rule Governing Lead in Drinking Water

Recent Confirmation That Canadian Directors Can Consider Non-Shareholder Interests

Protecting Workers During Holiday Sales Events

OSHA Revises Its Inspection Priority Weighting System

President Trump Restricts Agencies’ Use of Guidelines

OSHA Revises Respiratory Protection Requirements

EPA’s Superfund Task Force Issues Final Report

Feds Issue Nationwide Motor Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Standards and Declare California’s Standards to be Preempted

Department of Justice Reemphasizes its Disfavor for Supplemental Environmental Project Agreements with State and Local Governments

Business Roundtable (Re)states Position for Broad Corporate “Purpose”

Chemical Safety Board To Work on Accident Reporting Regulations

EPA Decides Not to Require SPCCs to Address Hazardous Substance Spills

DC Circuit Upholds Most of EPA’s 2015 Standards For Ground Level Ozone

EPA Proposes to Allow Hazardous Air Pollutant Sources to Reclassify From “Major” to “Area” Using Administrative Controls

Reversed on Appeal: Workplace Harassment Isn’t a Tort In Ontario After All

Motor Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Standards–California and Four Manufacturers Finesse the Turf War With the Federal Government

Protecting Workers When Wildfires Create Bad Air

EPA Replaces Obama-Era Rules For Coal Fired Power Plants

Canada—Federal Employers: Prepare for a Wave of Change in Workplace Harassment Obligations

Creating an Enforceable Online Contract: Best Practices

Reporting EHS Releases – Responsibilities Continue Except For Some Farm Emissions

EPA Takes Another Step To “Reform” Benefit Cost Analyses

Status of Trump Administration Environmental Regulatory Rollbacks

It’s Time To Submit Annual Toxic Release Inventory Reports

Global Rules Coming For Plastic Import-Export

OSHA Unlocks Review of Its Lockout/Tagout Standard