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STP Launches New Industry-Specific MACT Standards Guides

Posted by Lorraine O'Donovan on Fri, Jul 12, 2013 increasingly need specialized guidance in order to self-audit and show efforts to comply with legislation, and demonstrate due diligence.

In response to industry demand for more specialized Air Quality MACT Standards guidance, STP has just recently launched guides relating specifically to the following industries:  

Developed by audit and compliance experts, Specialty Technical Consultants, these publications complement STP’s federal and California Environmental Auditing guides and cover air quality requirements that apply broadly to a variety of industrial operations.  

The guides are an essential resource for environmental and occupational health and safety professionals, attorneys, corporate counsel, air quality auditors, manufacturing companies, chemical companies, senior EHS management, and regulatory agencies.  

The guides deliver the following benefits to users:  

  • Field-tested by recognized experts

  • Help ensure compliance

  • Demonstrate due diligence

  • Help avoid citations and fines

  • Allow experienced auditors to expedite their assessment

  • Allow less experienced auditors to review detailed instructions

  • Save time and reduce compliance and audit costs

  • Customizable to site-specific requirements

  • Include Applicability Tables

  • Offer pre-audit preparation guidance.

The new publications are available online when purchased with Environmental Auditing: Federal Compliance Guide and Environmental Auditing: Integrated Federal & California Compliance Guide from the STP online store.  

 STP publishes a range of environmental compliance guides including:

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