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Insurance Fraud by Barry Zalma

Posted by Rondi Shouse on Sat, Feb 04, 2012

Comprehensive Guide to Insurance ClaimsSTP author Barry Zalma is featured in a new series on the Web-based television news network World Risk and Insurance News ( The series, launched in January, is called Who Got Caught? It focuses on the apprehension of perpetrators of fraud, from healthcare and workers’ compensation fraud, to murder for life insurance, arson for profit, and more.

In this segment, Mr. Zalma notes that insurance fraud costs the industry between 80 and 300 billion dollars a year, and focuses on an arson-for-profit case in Long Beach, CA. He comments that amateur arsonists wrongly believe that the fire will destroy the evidence of their crime, and he examines an attempted arson fraud that had deadly results. Watch the video here.

Barry Zalma is an insurance coverage attorney, consultant, and expert witness. He is the author of three STP publications: Insurance Claims: A Comprehensive Guide, (Part III concerns insurance fraud interviews and weapons to fight fraud), Mold: A Comprehensive Claims Guide, and Constructions Defects: Litigation and Claims.

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