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Workplace Violence Prevention

Approaches for understanding, preventing and addressing
workplace violence to help ensure employee safety.




Requirements that employers protect their employees against workplace violence are expanding throughout North America. Employers need to ensure that company policies include all the appropriate elements of workplace violence prevention.

We are considering upgrading our Workplace Violence Prevention Guide into a Checklist-Based Guide.  

  • Checklists work especially well for complicated procedures that you perform regularly
  • Checklists are an efficient and powerful tool that could help to increase your organizational productivity and streamline your workflow
  • You can capture the details into your management system
  • Additionally, you will receive all features and functionality included with our audit products: Applicability Tables, Reporting, Customization, etc.

"Workplace Violence Prevention: A Practical Guide to Security on the Job" provides thorough examinations of the many levels and types of workplace violence prevention, and how to deal with the issue systematically. This resource describes approaches that address everything from organizational and structural issues, to the personal and emotional, ranging from bomb threats to bullying.

It is the most comprehensive workplace violence prevention guide available for analyzing an organization’s violence risks and developing effective workplace violence prevention measures. Workplace Violence Prevention is a valuable resource for HR personnel, security officers, risk managers, and anyone responsible for preparing an organization to deal with the threat of violence or recover from its effects.

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Workplace Violence Prevention:
Practical Guide to Security on the Job

This guide is a tool for providing examination of the many levels of
workplace violence prevention, and how to deal with the issue

systematically. The guide includes:

  • Detailed elements of a Comprehensive Workplace Violence
    Prevention Plan
  • Implementation Checklists to demonstrate due diligence
  • How to incorporate prevention strategies into the workplace
  • Specific sectors covered also include retail, health care and
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